Haven't you always wished for a helping hand? Before the zombie apocalypse makes mincemeat of us all..
Product ID: 11602
There's always a idlyllic moment in any new romance when you think, "this could be the one." Artist ..
Product ID: 12722
A royal beauty, this African princess holds her head high as a distinctive and quite individualistic..
Product ID: 13117
Paying homage to the pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt, Akhenaten (also called Amenhotep) was a v..
Product ID: 14548
The alicorn, or horn, of the mystical unicorn was said to hold magical and medicinal properties, mak..
Product ID: 12852
Welcome the drama of the African continent with these stylized tribal wall sculptures paying homage ..
Product ID: 13959
Welcome the drama of the African continent with these stylized tribal wall sculptures paying homage ..
Product ID: 13958
Welcome the drama of the African continent with these stylized tribal wall sculptures paying homage ..
Product ID: 13957
Rejoice in the timelessly exquisite beauty of the female form with this statement-making piece of Gr..
Product ID: 12809
At almost a yard tall, Astrid creates an instant centerpiece and the perfect spot for your candle or..
Product ID: 12416
From an era in American history when no goal seemed too lofty, this astronaut ushers in the iconic i..
Product ID: 12862
Add a touch of enlightenment to garden or meditation spot with the bodhisattva who embodies the comp..
Product ID: 12619
Proving the saying that "anything is possible," this acrobatic elephant lifts its trunk in the air f..
Product ID: 13326
Such detail! A single skull wears a tribal crown of death in this dramatic sculptural wall mask evok..
Product ID: 11605
Baring its prominent, sharp-edged, fang-like teeth, this over four-foot-long Barracuda makes an impr..
Product ID: 13002
The Barramundi, or Asian Sea Bass, is a salt and freshwater sport fish that makes an imposingly form..
Product ID: 13014
With wings extended in a proudly aggressive, 2-foot-wide pose, this majestic Black Swan captures the..
Product ID: 12630
Savoring the effortless ambiance of a warm summer day at the beach, this young beauty emerges a full..
Product ID: 12799
She's got you in her tangled web! Etched in the shape of a spider web, the 16" dia. glass top of our..
Product ID: 12916
Though swift, energetic and known to make spinning leaps out of the water while attacking prey, we'r..
Product ID: 12985
If you or someone you love is a big fan of the written word, you'll love this artisan-sculpted statu..
Product ID: 12741
In the relaxed or "bodhisattva" posture, this richly ornamental Asian image relates his discovery of..
Product ID: 13923
At once a lesson in geometry, line and sensuality, the muscular symmetry and austere beauty of the m..
Product ID: 14578
At once a lesson in geometry, line and sensuality, the muscular symmetry and austere beauty of the m..
Product ID: 14579
Do you love ornaments accompanied by a story? Then this one's for you! Our Bramblefluff Ornament, ha..
Product ID: 9482
A single beautiful maiden in sinuous pose upholds nature's perfect calla lily as a coveted decorativ..
Product ID: 14493
All hail the Polynesian gods of fun! Guests will be sweetly serenaded by the cascading streams of tr..
Product ID: 14292
Get ready for a meow-mash-up of kittens as our cat chorus line ushers in a procession of playful pus..
Product ID: 13588
Who would ever guess that this Gothic wonder was cast in quality designer resin with a cleverly conc..
Product ID: 13913
Two great icons of Egypt meet in this contemporary rendition of the power of ancient civilizations. ..
Product ID: 14577
Fear the predator! Because its eyes are positioned on the sides of its cephalofoil or "hammer" shape..
Product ID: 14020
Be very afraid we've breathed more life into Shelly's 1818 monster novel creature than even the good..
Product ID: 12552
You'll be comfortable until the cows come home on this ingenious "Cowch" that's wide enough to put t..
Product ID: 13047
An elfin fairy spreads her pixie wings, grabs the magical quant pole and navigates her leaf boat acr..
Product ID: 13951
If you ever grow nostalgic for the simpler times gone by, this trio of endlessly enchanting fairies ..
Product ID: 13946
Pounce! In the shadow created by the lovely art glass shade hanging from its furry tail, our Design ..
Product ID: 12854
Our Design Toscano, nearly-two-foot-tall death creeper is sinfully sculpted in darkly dramatic Egypt..
Product ID: 12289
You'll swear that more of the limp and bloody bandages of this flesh-hungry zombie demon have fallen..
Product ID: 12453
With a wingspan over a foot-and-a-half wide, our stylized Steampunk bat commands attention on your w..
Product ID: 11582
The heart of the wild meets the industrial age in a hybrid you won't find anywhere except Design Tos..
Product ID: 11581
Moving through the timeless dance of bonding heart, body and soul, this stylized pair elevates court..
Product ID: 12317
Developed in southern India by 9th and 10th century Chola artists, our hand-painted dynamic sculptur..
Product ID: 14060
This welcome is sure to "quack" your guests up! Our high-flying, foot-high trio of amia..
Product ID: 12631
At almost a yard tall, this striking French-style wall mirror looks perfectly regal in a narrow, som..
Product ID: 12926
The goddess of the hunt takes her traditional posture with a long lean, greyhound, her trusty bow an..
Product ID: 12262
A pair of playful dolphins splash in the ocean waves that rise to form a distinctive, quality design..
Product ID: 12217
Try as he might, this fiery dragon by artist Liam Manchester will never remove the mystical Sword of..
Product ID: 13974
From above his high perch, artist Liam Manchester's collectible dragon guards this amazing Life Sour..
Product ID: 13955
Hanging from his perch on your wall, this menacing Medieval dragon turns his head to keep a watchful..
Product ID: 12637
With the same incredible detailing as the antique Asian original from which it's cast, this replica ..
Product ID: 12342